Mercedes and BMW - confrontation history

Mercedes and BMW - confrontation history

Two car period rivals from Europe entered a new competition, where small cars generate thirst of great value, according to CNN's analysis.

Since leaving Rover BMW, Mercedes-bye Chrysler, both manufacturers are avoiding small car segment and focus on high-end cars as a way to assert the brand. Now when there are certain achievements, adding pressure on fuel consumption, both continue to seek new opportunities.

Daimler, parent company of Mercedes, succeeding the company was established in 1883. From the invention of the car found they never tired of making the world remember about it. BMW after birth, since its inception in 1917 until 1928 the company made aircraft engines.

Stuttgart (Germany) - the home of Mercedes, is a factory town where sunlight rarely reaches the ground. Meanwhile BMW in Munich take root. Mercedes experience, and the core of automotive filters, "Best or Nothing", trenchant statements of Gottlieb Daimler. BMW fashion as the person who created it "machine art movement" is the slogan that the company says the advertising company BMW.


BMW and Audi are battling the Mercedes luxury car market. According to IHS Automotive, Mercedes pie has shrunk from 25% (2001) to 21.4% this year. BMW committed to sales of 2 million units in 2020, but it is heating up the run when you want to complete this goal before 4 years. BMW 3 Series topped the list of selling luxury cars. Mercedes Dieter Zetsche leaders have ambitious production of the car multiplied by 2020 and surpassed BMW, but analysts remain skeptical about these intentions.


Despite the small number of predicted could hurt financial performance standards, BMW still has the best profit world. Last year profit (before tax) was 11.8%, while Mercedes is 9%. All technicians in white coats that you see in the Mercedes ads are considered. Mercedes are paying for more people to make fewer cars. The immediate goal, Mercedes wants to increase profits by 10%, but only reached 8.4% in Q1, 2012.

Margins on car

With product lines such as CLS and SLS level and the traditional three-pointed star, Mercedes rivals earned thousands more dollars per capita vehicle. If there are more and Blach AMG Edition average revenue will increase to $ 53,000. The line's popular 3 Series BMW brought the average $ 47,400 per vehicle.

The development of new models

Unlike previous generations, the new 5-door hatchback cars A-class and B-class multipurpose going to hit the market did not face the risk of rollovers in the tests to avoid obstacles. Mercedes changed completely fabricated small-car technology, by eliminating the sandwich type floor and lower roof height.

BMW continues to diversify target. X4 coupe look similar to the design of the X6, but the problem lies in how it is attractive small cars like the Mercedes.

The growth seen from the statistics

According to CNW Research, Mercedes customers with an average age of 57, higher than the BMW 5 - 10 years old. The difference is evident in the low-end product line. The Mercedes C-class owners often have to be older property owners about 10 years old BMW 3 Series.

Mercedes customers more elderly guests BMW.
European and American population is getting older, but that does not help much more for Mercedes. Causes of economic recession, and the elderly tend to save, while the younger generation could buy a car loan.


In a poll of Bernstein Research, the European media proved uncomfortable with putting the name of Mercedes. Except its agents, how many people will distinguish the difference between the SL, SLK, SLR and SLS?

For BMW the clear ranking, the higher the number the higher the price. Grille is used uniformly in all product lines. Meanwhile Mercedes star three wings of various sizes, at the grille in the middle, sometimes on the roof.

Perform in the U.S.

Benz sales reached 22,231 in June of vehicles, up 7.6% compared with June 2011, helped increase the number of cars sold in the first 6 months to 128,595 units, 15.9% higher than the same period last year and highest in years. C-Class, E-class, and the M-class models are "hot".

BMW leads in sales last year rose 0.4% in June, reaching 21,725 ​​vehicles. So far, BMW sales up 11.3% of total sales of 126,504, led by the 5 Series

Brand of small cars

Intelligent vehicle is a vault that Mercedes is trying to win in 14 years. Shaking hands with Renault, Mercedes wants its small car chassis shared with the new generation Renault Twingo. Such cooperation would at least bring more success for Smart and Swatch.

Meanwhile, BMW's Mini models have been successful, becoming the pioneer of high-level segment of small cars. The next generation Mini will share chassis with front-drive a new type of small car ahead of BMW. This is a wise step if the combination is successful.

Brand of large models

Mercedes Maybach stop production, but instead is an über-model Mercedes little more exclusive, but there are larger economic scale. Sales of BMW Rolls-Royce is reaching record levels in 2011 with 3538 vehicles, up 31%. But Rolls-Royce also toxic? A series Phantom II with options up to $ 460,000.

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Mercedes and BMW - confrontation history
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